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James Milligan is an expert in sobriety and breathalyzer testing, and was one of the lead investigatingattorneys who identified the widespread inaccuracies of the Draeger Alcotest 9510 breathalyzermachines in the state of Massachusetts.

If you were convicted of an OUI in Massachusetts prior to 2016 and a breathalyzer test was used as evidence in your case, the accuracy of your breathalyzer test could be in question and your conviction could be overturned. Find out if your case qualifies and learn your options:

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Attorney James Milligan is a top rated Massachusetts DWI DUI OUI defense lawyer. He is one of just a few lawyers in Massachusetts who is board certified in drunk driving defense as recognized by the American Bar Association.

Concentrating his practice entirely on Massachusetts drunk driving defense, OUI defense, DUI defense, and DWI defense, Attorney Milligan is often the best resource for other lawyers representing a client charged with drunk driving.

If you’ve been charged in Massachusetts with drunk driving or operating under the influence of alcohol you need an attorney who is certified in drunk driving defense and has a proven record of success. It’s in your best interest to find the right DUI lawyer. Your choice can mean the difference between paying a good attorney now or paying the rest of your life with a criminal record.

Recent Updates On Breathalyzer Tests In Massachusetts

October 3, 2018

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October 3, 2018

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October 3, 2018

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The Massachusetts OUI Survival Guide

This OUI handbook, written by Attorney James Milligan, is intended as a starting point to familiarize you with the process of an OUI in Massachusetts. An arrest or charge for OUI can greatly complicate your life; a conviction can have long-lasting consequences. The information provided in this book is what you need to know to fight an OUI charge in Massachusetts and get your life back on track.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

  • DUI Client
    Atty. Milligan was an absolute blessing. He helped us through a very long and drawn out legal process for my child’s DUI charges and talked to us as well as to his official client. When the case finally came to trial after two years and the sixth time in court, his advice and his representation won the day. We will always be grateful.
    DUI Client
  • DUI Client
    Over two years ago, Jay Millligan took on my case. It was an OUI Roadblock case, and Jay explored every avenue possible before going to trial. While those did not come to fruition, he was professional throughout and was impressed with his knowledge. About 23 months after the incident, I finally went to trial (this was my 2nd OUI, so it was important to fight it) Jay advised me throughout and kept me calm. He was always one step ahead of the DA and we achieved a most favorable outcome. I am now driving with no additional record. While it was not easy, and I probably spent 14 days in the court house, I am happy with the outcome and Jay’s work.
    DUI Client
  • Marc
    Witnessing James Milligan defend my case was something I’ll never forget. There is now a plea sent story to tell about my OUI case because of him and I will never be able to thank him enough.
  • Adam
    I have only positive things to say about the Law Offices of James Milligan. I was arrested and charged with DUI, I was very upset and worried about the whole situation. Jay Milligan was recommended to me as “the top attorney” in this area so I immediately contacted him. His associate met with me within a day or two after the incident and was extremely professional, calm and knowledgeable. I immediately knew I was in good hands. Throughout the process, Jay was always responsive whenever I called or emailed. I even called him the night before my trial in the evening because of a concern I had and he not only picked up my call, but greeted me by name. When my trial date came, he was right by my side. He told me what was going to happen and what to do. Jay is a competent and professional attorney who helped me through a difficult time. He is an excellent example of professionalism and a master of his craft. The outcome of my situation was the best possible scenario imaginable due to Jay’s immense knowledge of the law, and how to use the system to assist his clients. I would without a doubt 100% recommend Jay to anyone in need of his services.
  • Mike
    I have just finished reviewing all of the written documentation on my DUI arrest. James listened very carefully about my physical issues and details of how the police handled the case and my arrest. Like many of you, I’ve never been in “trouble” with the law and being identified and treated, as a criminal was a very unsettling. The first lawyer I hired discouraged my desire to appeal at the RMV. He said, “Nobody ever wins there.” That may be true, but I wanted a legal advisor to give me every chance and opportunity to plead my case and obtain a favorable outcome. I fired him. James and I researched the law, discussed strategies and went to court with a well thought out plan. I felt I was treated unfairly on many levels by the state but Mr. Milligan was able to focus on issues that would result in a positive outcome regarding my trial. The important stuff: 1. He is readily available. He returns calls ASAP. 2. His office staff is caring, competent and understands and knows how to deal with our frustration. 3. He has some serious courtroom credibility. He identifies and amplifies testimony that helps his client. 4. He has a great understanding of the courtroom process. He is well versed in the intricacies of choosing a jury or a judge for your trial. This choice is influenced by factors that occur right up to the last second. 5. He knows and is respected by the court personnel, officers, judges, secretaries and many of those employed in the justice system. 6. He possesses a demeanor, personality and mindset that are aware and respectful of the law and the people involved. 7. He understands truth, compassion, and fairness and will do his best to help you get the best outcome possible. 8. Well after the trial was over, his office responded to my requests for information. My son, who is a reporter, accompanied me to my pre trial and trial. He has had the opportunity to view and hear many court cases. He said, “Dad, you picked a great lawyer. He is smart, asks great questions and seems to be personally invested in providing you with a good outcome.” As I sat and watched the proceedings while waiting in the courtroom for my trial to begin, I became aware that Jay Milligan possesses a burning desire to do his best for the clients he represents. Jay understands how difficult it is to deal with getting a DUI. Depending on the facts, and your circumstances, I’m sure Jay can offer you the best advice to mitigate possible monetary or freedom penalties. Attorneys with his skills in the Boston area, demand a much higher fee for services.
  • Jake
    Jay was great, he kept me informed during my entire case. He charged me a flat rate up front which is great because you don’t have to worry about how much you will be billed in the end. The best part of all is I was found not guilty. If you are charged with OUI, Jay is hands down the best guy in Mass to represent you.
    Quincy DUI Client
  • DUI Client
    Not only is Attorney Milligan highly knowledgeable in his specific field of Massachusetts Drunk Driving Law, he also provides a comforting guide through difficult times, by always interacting in the most professional and supportive manner possible. At the end of the day you should hire him because he will most likely represent your best chance at mitigating the penalties involved in these situations, but if you do, you will so appreciate the way in which you are treated, represented and supported. I had some very dire circumstances facing me, lifetime loss of license, potential jail time, the ramifications of which were staggering, literally. I drove to work today, picked up my daughter and took her for ice cream. Without the hard work, skill and experience James used on my behalf, that would never been possible.
    DUI Client
  • Leeza
    After the trial the first words out of my mouth to Atty. Milligan were something to the effect of suggesting he start a show on T.V. such as Law and Order or Criminal Minds. His performance was one that had me completely mesmerized……outstanding. I find myself telling friends with enthusiasm the questions he asked, the answers in response to those questions, his mannerisms, etc….they all clicked together with perfection. Attorney Milligan is a sharp, focused, intelligent, passionate, articulate etc. attorney, who goes to bat for you & hits a home run.
    Framingham, MA
  • Zach –  DUI client
    I would highly recommend Attorney Milligan. He defended me on my first OUI offense. Since this was my first experience with the court system I had many question and concerns. Attorney Milligan was extremely knowledgeable and informative on all topics. He explained all potential options from day one and gave an unbiased opinion of the path I should take. I was extremely impressed with his responsiveness to my calls and his ability to keep me informed on where my case stood. Attorney Milligan was able to use his experience and knowledge to guide me to a not guilty verdict.
    Zach – DUI client
    Wellesley, MA
  • DUI Client
    When i got arrested for DUI i was recommended by a police officer friend to call Jay. The officer said he was great at what he does which is DUI and dealing with the RMV. He was right! The RMV decided to take my license for 3 years with no exceptions. Jay worked hard and got it back in 6 weeks. He kept me well informed during the whole ordeal and outlined all the possible scenarios and what could happen. Despite several delays and changes in court dates the day finally came and Jay did a great job getting me my acquittal, despite the loads of evidence that was against me. Jay knows the court system, the key people in law enforcement, and prosecutors and, most importantly, the law. I strongly recommend you hire Jay to represent you. It was crucial in my case!
    DUI Client
  • Suzanne
    Attorney Milligan defended my son against an assault and battery charge. Although he specializes in DUI cases, he was extremely competent in handling our case. He was always professional, yet also showed much compassion. He answered every question we had, no matter how trivial, immediately. We could clearly see how well respected Attorney Milligan is among fellow attorney’s, police officers and court house staff alike. He had a precise plan of action from the first day he reviewed our case and took it over. Because of his hard work and determination we received the most favorable outcome of a not guilty finding. I would give him the highest recommendation possible.
    Criminal Defense Client
  • Anthony – Charged with DUI
    Mr. Milligan handled my DUI case in a very professional manner. He was very knowledgeable about the case and recommended that we wave the jury and deal directly with the judge. He was then able to win my case in our first trial. He also filed for an immediate return of license which was successful in getting returned two months before was supposed to. I would highly recommend Mr. Milligan to anyone facing a DUI case.
    Anthony – Charged with DUI
    Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Anthony
    Attorney Milligan was recommended to me by my Attorney, Kevin J. Reddington. Mr Reddington informed me that if I had any chance at all with a favorable DMV Appeals Board hearing it would be with Mr. Milligan. Mr. Reddington was correct. My appeal was successful and I am now on my way to driving again. James possesses a wealth of legal knowledge and is very highly regarded in the Court system. I was informed of the best case scenario and prepared for the worst. Initially James wouldn’t accept a dime until he was sure he could improve my status as a licensed driver.
    Appeals Client
  • Robert – Charged with OUI
    Best OUI lawyer I ever dealt with, straight up and very honest. lways calls you back and can answer all your questions . He got me off a 2nd offense. I highly recommend him.
    Robert – Charged with OUI
    Plymouth County, Massachusetts
  • Paul
    Attorney Milligan was excellent in helping to resolve an issue with the board of appeals regarding my C.D.L. He was recommended via another attorney as being one of the best in these matters. James Milligan Jr Esq. was accessible and accommodating. He even came to my home town to meet with me and go over where we were in the process. He returned all calls and addressed all issues. At the hearing James Milligan Attorney, was polite but firm and very knowledgeable about Mass. State laws and its subcodes. He won my case and went as far as to make sure the R.M.V. issued my C.D.L. immediately. I was very pleased with James and would not only use him again but would recommend him to someone in need of an attorney.
    Quincy, Massachusetts
  • DUI Client
    Attorney Milligan took my case when I had lost confidence in the initial attorney that I hired. One of the best qualities of Attorney Milligan are his communication skills, he consistently kept me informed. I also had a feeling throughout my case that I had a lawyer that had an extremely high level of understanding of the specific legal matters. While I did not get the verdict that Attorney Milligan or I was looking for, I feel that I was treated fairly and that I had the best possible defense and I would comfortably refer him to anyone that needs his services. He has also assisted me post-verdict with several important questions that I have had and I am appreciative of his post-verdict assistance.
    DUI Client
    Brockton, Massachusetts
  • DUI client
    After searching and speaking with 4 attorneys to handle my DUI case, Attorney James Milligan became the clear choice. In my first meeting with him, he carefully reviewed my case and went over all the potential options/outcomes and gave me an honest assessment of his opinion regarding the facts of my case. He laid out what his strategy would be, my options for winning the case, and the downside/risks of potentially losing. He was extremely knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of the law and areas to challenge the charges in my case. Having never faced charges of any kind before, it was a very nerve-wracking experience for me, but Attorney Milligan helped things go as smoothly as possible. Throughout the process, Attorney Milligan was always very responsive to calls and emails and always provided answers to all my questions regarding the case. He also delivered on his commitment and overall strategy in my case. The final result of my case was the most favorable outcome I could have anticipated at the beginning, with my DUI charge getting dismissed by the government. I’m very pleased that I chose Attorney Milligan to represent me and would highly recommend him.
    DUI client
    Braintree, Massachusetts
  • Julie
    After being arrested on my first DUI offense, I obtained a court-appointed lawyer at my arraignment. After one meeting, I knew I needed a specialist in order to feel well-informed and confident in my decision making. My friend found James M. Milligan, Jr. online and I called him right away. Attorney Milligan first impressed me by answering his own phone on the second ring. I expected to speak to a paralegal or get voice mail since my number would not be recognized on my first call. He proceeded to listen carefully to my situation and offered to meet with me at his earliest convenience. He was attentive and professional and instantly put me at ease without any false promises. When we met in person, Attorney Milligan fully explained all of my options and spoke to me in a manner that was serious and respectful which gave me the confidence to make my own decision about whether to go to trial. Once I decided to plea, he arranged a court date within two days. I was completely amazed and relieved. On my hearing day, he made sure I understood exactly what I was doing and gave me one last opportunity to ask questions before I faced the judge. He stayed by my side and whispered behavioral instructions to me so that I wouldn’t offend the judge by accident. Having all of the infomation that I needed, my anxiety was eased. When all was said and done, I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision in choosing Attorney Milligan to represent me. I highly recommend him.
    Middlesex County, MA
  • John
    Attorney Milligan did a great job with getting my DUI dismissed. A first time offense for me, after initially reviewing my case with Atty Milligan he advised me that he thought it was one worth fighting given the facts of the case. I decided to do so and, although a long process with motions, etc., in the end it was worth it and the case was eventually decided in my favor. I can now get my life back in order and put it past me. Atty Milligan’s expertise with DUI cases was the key factor in all of this.
    Suffolk County, MA
  • DUI Client
    Attorney Milligan was extremely knowledgeable about Massachusetts DUIs as he specializes in them. He was very upfront about what he thought about the case and the outcome after he reviewed the facts. He was a little more than some other lawyers I talked to but the cost is worth it to have a lawyer that specializes in Massachusetts drunk driving and knows every avenue he can take before actually going to trial. My case took a while but I never had to go to trial. I felt completely confident in his hands.
    DUI Client
    Norfolk County, MA
  • Glen
    When I was charged with DUI I was unaware about the new DUI laws in Massachusetts. Because I had prior offenses over twenty years ago, I was being charge for a third offense and was facing mandatory jail time if convicted. In addition because I did not take the breathalyzer my license was immediately revoked. If I was convicted, my life would be turned upside down.I knew I would have to go to trial and I needed an Attorney who specializes in defending Massachusetts DUI cases. I did a lot of research to find the best attorney to handle my case and all my research pointed to Attorney James Milligan. I interviewed Attorney Milligan and was impressed with his expertise in defending DUI cases. He was easy to get a hold of and always listened to my concerns regarding my case. His firm made sure to call and remind me of any court dates I had. My case went to trial and Attorney Milligan was fully prepared to defend me. Because of Attorney Milligan’s expertise I was found not guilty. In addition Attorney Milligan had the court return my drivers license. Now I can get on with my life. I would highly recommend Attorney Milligan to anyone facing a DUI.
    Plymouth County, MA
  • Jean
    Jay was the most professional attorney I have ever used. His knowledge and expertise was amazing. I felt completely confident in him throughout the entire case. He is trustworthy and respected by the judges and all of the court staff. He was reassuring and confident and got us a victory in the end and it was amazing to watch him in action. We just love him.
    Barnstable County, MA
  • DUI Client
    Upon finding myself facing a conviction for a Massachusetts DUI 2nd offense, I needed to find the best DUI defense against these charges. I did extensive research interviewing multiple Massachusetts DUI Attorneys, and determined that Attorney Milligan was without any question, the Attorney I should hire.This was the best decision I ever made, as the Jury found me NOT GUILTY after only 20 minutes. I failed two field sobriety test, was unsteady on my feet, smelled of alcohol, and my eyes were blood shot. The State had a Civilian witness and a State Trooper testifying that I was all over the road. Attorney Milligan is well respected within the court system having a friendly demeanor with the District Attorneys, Judges and other court officials. Attorney Milligan would answer all of my questions, sometimes more than once, and often after working hours. He always returned my phone calls quickly, and my conversations were never rushed. He would also offer friendly advice on handling this stressful situation, and made me feel at ease during all my court appearances.
    DUI Client
    Plymouth County, MA
  • D. Veale
    Mr. James M. Milligan is a very knowledgeable lawyer, very aggressive as well as getting his point across.. Mr.Milligan also made me feel comfortable even at the worst of times.
    D. Veale
    Norfolk County, MA
  • Steve
    James (Jay) was a great lawyer for me. He always kept me in the loop with what was happening with my Massachusetts OUI case and what could happen with all scenarios. He walked through the case and what would be happening and what I needed to do as well. His expertise in Massachusetts DUI defense was crucial in my case. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone who needs help defending DUI case.
    Plymouth County, MA

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What Do I Do If I’ve Been Arrested For Drunk Driving In Massachusetts?

Attorney James Milligan is a top rated Massachusetts DWI DUI OUI defense lawyer. He is one of just a few lawyers in Massachusetts who is board certified in drunk driving defense as recognized by the American Bar Association.